Solar Battery Charger with USB output

Solar Panel 6V
changed the cord to plug into a converter to charge the Battery
Battery can output to USB to charge a cell phone however this will be used to power the Arduino Micro the the preamp for the Adafruit mic with preamp included on the chip. I built this as a phone charger mainly because I hadn’t decided the sensor I would be using and was contemplating using an old iPhone as the data logging device. I also felt that USB output would allow for me to easily swap out the sensor without being too worried about redoing the solar panel setup.

I used the Adafruit solar kit for their ‘solar bag battery charger’ project but assembled it for this sensor data logging project. Ran into mainly issues with the connector but i cut up an arduino power cable and soldered it to the output of the solar panel and its fine now.

This image is from Adafruit’s ad for the product my photos to come…

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