Pcomp LABS (videos) and reading response 1

Working on the Labs for the Second Class this was a lot of fun, made a LED button switch and three LEDs that connected to it.  I took a photo in process.



A LED powered switch that turns on other LEDS
fun times!

A LED powered switch that turns on other LEDS
fun times!

Reaction to


Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 6.10.40 PM

Good Examples of Digital devices that are not interactive:


Video: 30paik2desc TV Buddah (analogue)


performance (use of digital animation): deer-drain-SurvivaBall

The Yes Men performances and films are NOT interactive however…….

Good examples that ARE interactive:

Their Yes Lab IS


Definition of Interactive (for me):
Immerse and non linear, allows for chaos, error, insanity and unexpected outcomes. Takes into consideration the desires and choice expression of the user. Is not simply clickable storytelling it has cyclical input and output.  In response to Listen, Contemplate, Speak would be perhaps:  Responsive, intuitive and playful.


Seneca wrote: “The living voice and the intimacy of a common life will help you more than the written word.”

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