Final-LIPP -project

An interactive video installation which is controlled by the movement of the viewer(s) through the space.
I will use the following equipment :
Projector on a flat white wall
Xbox Kinect


Videos of Cowboys pointing their guns at the viewer (from clips from famous western films)

as the viewer(s) move around the space the gun will follow them and stay fixed on them, if they don’t raise their hands and stand still they will eventually be shot at.  If they put their hands up (stick em up) the gun will just point at them until they move.

This will be able to accommodate one viewer or an infinite amount of people, it will train the gun on the largest ‘mob’ in the room or an individual depending on how many visitors are in the space at one time.  This makes every viewer the victim of the heroic cowboy .
Project is using max/msp/jitter and xbox Kinect connected by an OSC5 signal through Processing
no sound….except a gun firing but i can turn off that sound its up to them (you) either way it works but that is the only sound.
Will be presented as the Final for LIPP and at Bumbershoot 2014 as part of Wendy Red Star’s Congress of Rough Riders curated exhibition


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