H.A.U.T.E. glasses at HUGE wearable event

“Google Glass has revolutionized the way people make fun of wearable tech. But being-ripe-for-parody aside, there is no doubt that wearable tech is here to stay. Many of us have thought about purchasing a Pebble watch or a Nike Fuel Band, and these well known products only scratch the surface of what’s possible with current […]

P-Comp Final Idea beta 1.0

From the first idea of creating glasses that obscure your face in photos Final Project Idea: Use LED (Superbright, infrared, etc) to obscure my face when someone takes a photo of me (with and without their flash)  Obscures and thwarts facial recognition (facebook tagging) BOM: Laser cut frames in many transparencies, different holes cuts for […]

cat cam is here & CAT animated gif

http://inventioninbrooklyn.com/images/catcam1.gif first user testing since the prototype is fully operational (this fixes #xwing fighter bug and also resolves #deathstar, closes user/repo#Jedi) she likes it! especially the house finch .mp3 (good suggestion Jack she didn’t care for the Australian magpie or figbird, she’s from Chicago anyhow). so what does it do? you place it calibrate it […]

ZOMG i got my cat cam code to work!!!

/** * Getting Started with Capture. * * Reading and displaying an image from an attached Capture device. */ import processing.serial.*; String inString;  // Input string from serial port int lf = 10;      // ASCII linefeed Serial myPort; int val; import processing.video.*; float pot; float ping; float threshold; Capture cam; void setup() { size(640, 480); […]

Documentation of iterative failure

I discovered soft circuits felted circuits woven circuits but what would one do with these? we have articulate thumbs we are able to type on iPhones, why would I need a soft circuit? So I asked my class that I was teaching in Nashville, Tennessee as part of an NEA grant through the Frist Center […]

GarageBand USB MIDI Control with Processing

I am working towards my midterm project 3 USB MIDI controllers, but first I needed to figure out how to control the voices in a program (here using GarageBand, but will be using MainStage or Ableton Live soon) using Processing.  The video after this one shows how I control it with the Arduino as well. […]

its the little moments

that make you feel like a bad ass and I feel amazing! Serial lab you kicked my ass….but I’m still here.

Blog Entry Observation

Observation of Dyson Hand Dryer “The most sanitary handdryer on the market” Supposedly this item is sanitary as well as being energy efficient, I see these in a lot of ‘green ‘ cities such as Portland, OR and Seattle, WA I have seen an increse in the use of this model of hand dryer in […]

Controlling PONG

me and Xander made this in class…

Digital Advice from the Future (8ball)

Ok so I got bored after doing the other Labs I wanted to do something you COULDN’T do with just an analogue circuit so I made the project from the book the magic 8ball I decided to put it on a simple board and call it “digital advice from the future’ it says what I […]

first time programming the arduino with a circuit

Arduino physical computing. from Amelia winger-bearskin on Vimeo.

Pcomp LABS (videos) and reading response 1

Working on the Labs for the Second Class this was a lot of fun, made a LED button switch and three LEDs that connected to it.  I took a photo in process.   A LED powered switch that turns on other LEDS fun times! A LED powered switch that turns on other LEDS fun times! […]