Daft Junk

Solar Powered Robots that Play Music made from objects that were headed for the trash in the sub-basement of TISCH By Aankit Patel, Mike Ricca and Amelia Winger-Bearskin for Jeff Feddersen’s ENERGY class (best class ever!)

Solar Powered Kinetic Instrument

making noise from Amelia winger-bearskin on Vimeo. We will make 3 boxes that play music and are powered by solar we can pull them into the park open them up and assemble the boxes in around 10 minutes   some sketches of the first box  


Solar Work Value Machine

Inspired by the Eames “Solar Do Nothing Machine” This will be way to interpret the data from our qualitative solar powered data logger. We will create a machine that makes sound and is aesthetically (kinetically) Interesting and helps and audience interpret the feelings of value from workers in different neighborhoods of NYC.

Solar Powered Qualitative Wearable Data Logger

Me and Michael Ricca are making a solar powered wearable data logger for our Sustainable Energy Mid-Term.  You basic qualitative survey intake just got date/time/location stamped!  We are hitting the streets equipped with our solar powered wearable data logger and ask Manhattanites: “Is what you do for a living important?” This simple logger will be […]

Solar USB charger and mic prototype

Solar Battery Charger with USB output

Solar Panel 6V changed the cord to plug into a converter to charge the Battery Battery can output to USB to charge a cell phone however this will be used to power the Arduino Micro the the preamp for the Adafruit mic with preamp included on the chip. I built this as a phone charger […]

Atari Punk Console, Solar and Sensors

For the last 4 weeks I have been working with analogue synths in the hopes that it would lead to a final project in Energy. I was thinking about using all types of energy covered in the class and having an analogue audio response that would help to teach not only about the energy function […]

Presentation on Oklo Reactor

Link to Prezi Slides:   Nuclear power is created when an isotope, frequently uranium 235 (U-235), is bombarded with a neutron. The collision typically breaks the isotope into two pieces, each containing half of the neutrons and protons of the original atom, in a process called nuclear fission. During the reaction, a small amount […]

Twerk to Make it Work

Prototype #3 Twerk to Make it Work Faraday Energy Generator  

Twerk to Make it Work (2)

Yes me and Michael Oneppo twerked hard on this Faraday flashlight model power generator.  This can be deployed in any type of environment and emergency to both bring light and American Culture to those in need.  Twerk to Make it WORK! We made this as our first project in Jeff Feddersen’s Energy Class at ITP […]