DWD Mobile

Hello World!

Math for Artists design prototype DWD Mobile web App design prototypes (it is responsive try it out in landscape mode on the iPhone) visual options aesthetic value for algorithm (what you like aesthetically is based on when you were ‘born’) http://www.inventioninbrooklyn.com/helloworldbirthday/index.html

Responsive design webpage

Here is a link to my responsive design webpage Me and Leslie have decided to do a project in this class where we create a history of the internet   the user takes a short quiz and determines their “HELLO WORLD” birthday based on when they were finally initiated into the inter-webs it will also […]


having difficulty installing the MIN or full version of library for accessing the demo/examples…. I wanted to create something like this example at http://paperjs.org/examples/meta-balls/


I would really like to learn how to manipulate the DOM in interesting and responsive ways…. I’d like us to cover this a bit in class   http://oridomi.com/    

Homework Week1 mockup

here is a simple mockup i have for the choose screen of the app where you pick from which video you would like to view at any given time not final but just an experiment http://www.inventioninbrooklyn.com/processing/DWD_M/homework1/