Creative Javascript

Week 2 Homework-Three.js

LINK TO WEEK 2 HOMEWORK   Here is a link to the code:  WEEK 2 HOMEWORK GISTHUB

Homework 1.5 FAILED

LINK TO THE GITHUB GIST version of this code   //Based on example code from ‘movement’ section in processing book //modified by Amelia Winger-Bearskin Processing 2.1.1. i made this for MATH class and this is my attempt to put it into p5.js which is failed miserably…. var inc = 0.0; var b; var c; var […]

Nature of Code Flowfield -teal in JS

LINK TO FIRST HOMEWORK PROJECT link to files: click here and it will load the page AND you can download all of the files that went to this JS sketch LINK TO DOWNLOAD FILES