For Live Image Processing for Live performance me and Mike Ricca created Pinopticons a performing using these glasses which have webcams, accelerometers and Arduino Micros. here are some preliminary images:

Cosmos final project

Cosmos a sketch in processing (code below) Text from Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” Sound Clip from Carl Sagan’s opening of “Cosmos” tv show Music, Editing and Vocals by me: Projected at the Lower Eastside Girls Club Planetarium, NYC Fall 2013 Untitled from Amelia winger-bearskin on Vimeo. Code: import ddf.minim.*; import ddf.minim.analysis.*; AudioPlayer[] player = new AudioPlayer[1]; […]

Cosmos Visualization

the nature of code cosmos edition from Amelia winger-bearskin on Vimeo. this is the text from Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” the song I wrote was during the workshop the Nature of Code: Cosmos Edition by Dan Shiffman we had this past Saturday. He took us to a planetarium to try out some ideas for visualization of […]

This friday 3-6pm COSMOS

This friday 3-6pm Lower East Side girls club planetarium we will show off our nature of code: Cosmos Edition final projects!   this is a mockup of mine…more to come….