Math Art

Hello World!

Math for Artists design prototype DWD Mobile web App design prototypes (it is responsive try it out in landscape mode on the iPhone) visual options aesthetic value for algorithm (what you like aesthetically is based on when you were ‘born’)

Hello World! Design thoughts

Project 2-proposal assignment

Create a performance of a proof or algorithm. (performance art, no credit if you just write a proof on the board 🙂  I would like to create for project #2 an animation of the data visualization that I would like projected on the wall   IF i am able it will be using actual collected […]

Proposal for Mid-Term

Each performer in this algorithmic performance is both creator and audience . They embody a single node agent, they follow their own set code and the resulting performances is a model of an emergent system. This system is an intuitive understanding of a force driven graph drawing, however the visuals are senses and the data […]

Algorithm Performance

Force Generated Graph Drawing Performance By Amelia Winger-Bearskin Force Generated Graph Drawing is an aesthetically pleasing way of drawng graphs with a computer. Commonly the algorithm will be used to generate visual nodes  that look similar to an atomic or astral structure. The physics involved in the algorithmic structure is based on Hooke’s Law: Hooke’s […]

MAKING THINGS MOVE—Velocity code 1

//Based on example code from ‘movement’ section in processing book //modified by Amelia Winger-Bearskin Processing 2.1.1. float inc = 0.0; int b; int c; void setup() { size(1200, 700); c +=15; stroke(c*5, c+100, 200-c*3, 6); smooth(); } void draw() { background(0); inc += 0.01; float angle = sin(inc) / 50.0 + sin(inc * 1.2) / […]

MAKING THINGS MOVE Velocity and Acceleration Code Project

Assignment: Identify where and how velocity and acceleration are being used and comment it for homework. Then rebuild or recreate your own assignment using these concepts. first is my commenting of code, next I’ll post my recreation of the code

Math for Artists ===Pi

here is the code with notation

Math for Artists

3 algorithms that I will be using for my 1st assignment: Backpropagation Sutherland–Hodgman algorithm Force-directed graph drawing Will be uploading my code and images of my Pi inspired processing sketch soon……