cat cam is here & CAT animated gif

first user testing since the prototype is fully operational (this fixes #xwing fighter bug and also resolves #deathstar, closes user/repo#Jedi)

she likes it! especially the house finch .mp3 (good suggestion Jack she didn’t care for the Australian magpie or figbird, she’s from Chicago anyhow).

so what does it do?

you place it

calibrate it (set from what distance you’d like your target area to be with the knob on the top)

you plug it into your laptop and turn on your computer

your cat gets her photo taken every time she is in the target area

AND a bird song (.mp3) plays when she’s in the area so she will look at the camera (my cat loves this sound she perks right up and sits down in front of it)

photos are saved to my dropbox so i can see how she’s doing throughout the day

after talking to a few people I’ve decided to continue with this project for the final.

Iterative improvements for final project:

  • Wireless xbee communication with computer so CAT CAM can be placed anywhere.
  • nicer construction
  • processing will take the ‘saved frame’ image sequence and turn it into an animated gif that will be saved in the dropbox and uploaded to tumblr.
  • Make website / stop motion animation of CAT CAM
  • think of a better name for CAT CAM

image-5 image image-2 image-1 IMG_8792



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