Atari Punk Console, Solar and Sensors

For the last 4 weeks I have been working with analogue synths in the hopes that it would lead to a final project in Energy. I was thinking about using all types of energy covered in the class and having an analogue audio response that would help to teach not only about the energy function but also its limitation. Sound is a time based medium and energy is about work over time.  This makes it intuitively possible to have a layman’s understanding or experience of what is happening with the energy or power that is involved in a contained device.

Since I am new to this I have started a Sonification Club at ITP with T.K as a way to explore concepts of sound as both a representation of energy representation as well as research into energy as a collaborative structure in the scoring of musical ideas.

For the next assignment in class I have teamed with Michael Ricca who has an extensive background in computer music, and audio technologies. We are both moving into a realm we are unfamiliar with (data logging) but would like to focus primarily or microphone input over 10 second intervals, and the analysis of this input.  I have purchased a 12V solar panel, an Arduino Pro Mini, a LiPO batter and converters (to have the batter receive power form the solar panel and also to charge the batter and to have the batter output to a USB to power the Arduino).  This setup is common and doesn’t need photo documentation as it is fairly standard.


Here are the experimentations with creating analogue synths:

a synth with 2 oscilators and a preamp for the speaker:



analog synth

an Atari Punk Console:




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