Squishy Circuits Updates on final project Fixed my whale Testing some things out (including soldering) Set up my microscope and staging space Failed but beautiful LED RedWhale Microscope Drawings / Images Building for Learning Proj #1 and #2 Hello World! Daft Junk Hello World! Design thoughts Responsive design webpage

Squishy Circuits

Ok so my ultimate goal is to have a trim pot and a soft pot (made of play dough conductive and insulation) I GOT IT TO WORK (not the potentiometer yet) but the dough

Updates on final project

Created an Atari Punk Console in etching couldn’t get any of the parts to stick on the traces however I did drill 6 of the boards with the tiny bit without breaking it!!!!!!!

Fixed my whale

Testing some things out (including soldering)

my staging space <3  

Set up my microscope and staging space

            I set up my staging space with my microscope and Celestron (thanks for the advice on that Michelle!) took my first photo of an Arduino Leonardo.  

Failed but beautiful

It doesn’t work, and its kinda nuts but I find this incredibly beautiful:  



            So I am going to change my design (mainly so it actually works) but this is my red whale.  I’ll upload a new one in a few days.  

Microscope Drawings / Images

Here is where I’m going to upload all of my images from the microscope. Sweetness: Nectresse (many images) Then was added Splenda Equal Sweet and Low and last Domino Sugar   my dumb whale

Building for Learning Proj #1 and #2

Link to WebPage for this Project


For Live Image Processing for Live performance me and Mike Ricca created Pinopticons a performing using these glasses which have webcams, accelerometers and Arduino Micros. here are some preliminary images:

Hello World!

Math for Artists design prototype DWD Mobile web App design prototypes (it is responsive try it out in landscape mode on the iPhone) visual options aesthetic value for algorithm (what you like aesthetically is based on when you were ‘born’) http://www.inventioninbrooklyn.com/helloworldbirthday/index.html

Daft Junk

Solar Powered Robots that Play Music made from objects that were headed for the trash in the sub-basement of TISCH By Aankit Patel, Mike Ricca and Amelia Winger-Bearskin for Jeff Feddersen’s ENERGY class (best class ever!)

Hello World! Design thoughts

Responsive design webpage

Here is a link to my responsive design webpage Me and Leslie have decided to do a project in this class where we create a history of the internet   the user takes a short quiz and determines their “HELLO WORLD” birthday based on when they were finally initiated into the inter-webs it will also […]


having difficulty installing the MIN or full version of library for accessing the demo/examples…. I wanted to create something like this example at http://paperjs.org/examples/meta-balls/


I would really like to learn how to manipulate the DOM in interesting and responsive ways…. I’d like us to cover this a bit in class   http://oridomi.com/    

Project 2-proposal assignment

Create a performance of a proof or algorithm. (performance art, no credit if you just write a proof on the board 🙂  I would like to create for project #2 an animation of the data visualization that I would like projected on the wall   IF i am able it will be using actual collected […]

Week 2 Homework-Three.js

LINK TO WEEK 2 HOMEWORK   Here is a link to the code:  WEEK 2 HOMEWORK GISTHUB

Final-LIPP -project

An interactive video installation which is controlled by the movement of the viewer(s) through the space. I will use the following equipment : Projector on a flat white wall Laptop Xbox Kinect Concept: Videos of Cowboys pointing their guns at the viewer (from clips from famous western films) as the viewer(s) move around the space […]